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Italian Made Hydra Self-Cleaning Filter, 90 Micron Polyester Cartridge, 1" NPT with Bracket & Wrench

Model #: RA6000034

Atlas Filtri HYDRA filter systems are the most effective back-wash, sediment filters on the market. The filters are designed to automatically back-wash from the center of the cartridge out when the drain valve is opened. The product line includes a full proprietary stainless steel, polypropylene and polyester cartridges, from 50 to 90 microns. Designed for various applications, including hot water, pressure rating up to 125 psi and flow rates from 15 gpm to 44 gpm.

HYDRA are available with NPT tapered IN/OUT connections in 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1.5", and adapt to any point-of-entry or heavy sediment application for residential, commercial and industrial water filtration. Stainless steel inserts can be available in 3/4" connections as a special order. The optional HYDRA-M are models provided with two pressure gauges. HYDRA-HOT models are designed for filtration with water temperature up to 176°F. Included in the design is the drain kit with ball valve, plastic hose connection and air-gap that meets the plumbing code.

The HYDRA DUO and HYDRA TRIO double and triple manifold systems are uniquely designed in a single molded manifold. These multi-stage designed systems offer additional filtration options to make it the most advanced system available on the market.

Hydra filters come complete with housing wrench, single, double or triple plastic wall mount bracket and optional drain kit with two gauges as found with the HYDRA-M models. LubriKit food grade lubricant for proper O-ring lubrication can be purchased when ordering housings.

Atlas Filtri is driven to providing our customers with the best available products to meet their filtration requirements. This is done by using the most advanced manufacturing and design methods, which is why we can bring you the highest-pressure rating of any filtration housing on the market. The international patents received come from a constant commitment to research and develop that result in new and innovative products.


  • NPT connection ports 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1.5"
  • Filter rates at 50 and 90 micron
  • Flow rates from 15 gpm to 44 gpm
  • Pressure relief comes with an O-ring design which eliminates leaks due to spring corrosion issues
  • Accessories included: wrench, single and manifold wall mount brackets
  • LubriKit food grade lubricant for housing o-ring can be purchased with housings