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UV Max Ballast for Model D, D PLUS, E, E PLUS, F, F PLUS, PRO7 & PRO15
(For use with systems from 1994-2008)

Model #: 650716-007

650716-007Model #:  
1 UnitsCase Qty: 
3 lbs.Case Wt: 

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Made in Canada
Made in Canada

Original UV Max Power Supply for:

  1. UV Max Model D (made between 1994-2008)
  2. UV Max Model D PLUS (made between 1994-2008)
  3. UV Max Model E (made between 1994-2008)
  4. UV Max Model E PLUS (made between 1994-2008)
  5. UV Max Model F (made between 1994-2008)
  6. UV Max Model F PLUS (made between 1994-2008)
  7. UV Max Model PRO 7 (made between 1994-2008)
  8. UV Max Model PRO 15 (made between 1994-2008)

Replacement power supply kit for UV Max Model D, D PLUS, E, E PLUS, F, F PLUS, PRO7 & PRO15 systems made between 1994-2008, 100-240V.


  • Reference Card outlines most important system functions and maintenance for your quick, on-the-spot questions.
  • Helpful lamp replacement reminder.
  • Lamp timer reset button.
  • Indicator lights show status of system components.
  • Mute button for warning alarm sounds.