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Dow Filmtec BW30-365 Reverse Osmosis Membrane for Brackish Water

Model #: BW30-365

FILMTEC BW30-365 element has a nominal active membrane area of 365 square feet (34 m²) and an average permeate flow of 9500 gpd (36 m³/d) under standard conditions, yet external element dimensions are identical to those of conventional 8" elements. Because the high productivity of the FILMTEC BW30-365 element results from increased surface area and increased element efficiency instead of from the use of higher flux membrane and elevated feed pressure, the rate of membrane fouling remains low. This means higher flow rates can be sustained over time and element service life is prolonged. Lower pressure operation also means system operating economy is enhanced. The high surface area of the FILMTEC BW30-365 element permits design of new RO systems that meet productivity targets with fewer elements. This can mean more compact systems and significantly lower system component and installation expense. The productivity advantages of the FILMTEC BW30-365 element can also be employed in the design of new systems that produce the desired gpd (m³/d) while operating at lower feed pressures. In retrofit applications, the FILMTEC BW30-365 element can be employed to reduce system operating pressure, lower membrane fouling and extend membrane service life. These more productive elements can also be used to increase the capacity of an existing system without expansion of the plant "footprint" or to downsize a system without reduction in permeate flow.

Click here to view a chart that shows which inorganic compounds can be removed from drinking water with this reverse osmosis membrane.

A: 40" B: 1.125" C: 7.9"