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Filmtec 11,500 GPD, 40" × 8"
Fouling Resistant Membrane for Commercial Applications

Model #: BW30XFR-400-34i, Part #: 273805

Made in the United States
Made in the US

DOW FILMTEC BW30FR-400/34i- Durable High Productivity Fouling Resistant RO Element with iLEC Interlocking Endcaps

The DOW FILMTEC BW30FR-400/34i has optimized construction for durable, high rejection, high productivity performance in purifying water with high biological fouling tendency. With Dow's proprietary fouling resistant membrane technology that offers exceptional fouling resistance and cleanability, this product combines the best features of the DOW FILMTEC BW30FR-365 and BW30FR-400 elements.


  • A wide 34 mil feed spacer to lessen the impact of fouling and enhance cleaning effectiveness.
  • 400 square feet active area for more productivity without increasing the operating flux.
  • High rejection DOW FILMTEC RO membrane that has one of the widest pH cleaning ranges in the industry (pH 1-13) that allows for effective cleaning of scale, organic compounds and biofilm.
  • Automated, precision fabrication with a greater number of shorter membrane leaves, reduces the overall effect of fouling and maximizes membrane efficiency.
  • iLEC interlocking endcaps, which reduce system operating costs and the risk of o-ring leaks that compromise system integrity and cause poor water quality.

This distinct combination of features offers system operators long-term cost efficiencies and trouble-free operation for RO membrane purification of fouling waters.