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ResinTech Mixed Bed DI Resin
Color Indicating

Model #: MBD-30

Features & Benefits:

  • Color indication of exhaustion makes for ease of use
  • Extraordinary volume capacity
  • Optimized particle size for use in cartridges

Resintech MBD-30 is a color indicating mixed bed resin. The anion resin is a Type I strongly basic gel resin with an indicator dye that changes from blue to light brown as the resin exhausts.

ResinTech MBD-30 is designed to provide demineralized water with a resistivity in excess of 10 megohm. It is specially intended for use in cartridge applications with clear (see-through) housings. Such systems are typically designed without meters and rely on the changing color of the mixed bed resin to indicate exhaustion. In typical operation, there is a "safety line" at the exit end of the cartridge, and when the color change reaches that level, the cartridge is considered exhausted and exchanged for a fresh cartridge.

A constant supply of high purity water can be obtained by using two cartridges in series and allowing the first cartridge to completely change color. During this operation, the second cartridge ensures that the water leaving the system is of the highest purity. New cartridges are placed into the polishing position and the remaining cartridge is put into the "roughing" position. This ensures complete utilization of all the exchange capacity, which lowers operating costs while increasing average quality.

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