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WH844-MZ, Micro-Z Point-of-Entry Sediment Water Filter

Model #: WH844-MZ

High performance granular filter media that outperforms conventional multimedia due to its unique zeolite structure, 2.8x's the load capacity of sand. Micro-Z media is capable of handling higher service flow rate and increased load capacity. 5-micron nominal rating.

These filters are designed to remove ferric iron (rust), silt, and turbidity. Sediment filtration down to the 10 - 20 µ level is common.


  • 50% less water required for backwashing than sand filters
  • Nominal 20 µ, or better, filtration
  • 5 year warranty on valve
  • Rust proof fiberglass tanks feature 150 PSI operating pressure
  • Energy efficient controller uses less than $2.00 of electricity per year

For superior filtration, reduce flow rates by 1/3 of the standard flow rate specification.

All systems have other piping connections available. See the Control Valve Price Lists for more details.

Operating pressure: 20-150 psi (1.4-10.3 bar), Operating temperature: 36-120°F (2-48.9°C)

All pressure vessels are wound fiberglass, reinforced polyethylene, and are NSF listed.

This system uses
Micro-Z Media.